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Both the increasing cost pressure and rising quality requirements even for simple manufacturing parts force the industry to search for more cost-efficient production procedures.

We have accounted for this situation with the development of our hydraulic presses.

The philosophy of this development is to connect the sequence of motions of the mechanical press with the enormous advantages of the hydraulically-controlled machine.

Therefore this line of products cannot be compared any longer with the systems known so far.

DThe slide of a press is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder placed in the upper part of the machine and guided over the whole stroke range by means of an eightfold flat guide system.

The design principle of the production press also presents the following advantages, among others
- reliable insertion press
- automatic machine with a high number of strokes
- accurate repeatable disconnection without fixed positive stop
- mechanical bottom dead centre changeover without loss of time
- punching without external damping of the cutting shock
- multiple strokes for embossing work
- compact design
- high machine rigidity
- long eightfold flat guidance
- extensive standard equipment
- extensive service and maintenance help
- high availability

All important display or adjusting elements are of clear-cut design and easily accessible on the machine post.
As standard, the control board is located on the right-hand side of the press frame. Upon customer's request or according to the type of machine, another arrangement or a hinged suspension-type control terminal are possible.
On CNC-controlled presses, the display terminal is located in a hinged suspension-type control terminal or in a separate desk. This is where the entry of storage of all stroke parameters and link signals is made.
CNC control provides of an operator guide with plausibility check and an extensive trouble-shooting system.

This equipment will protect against incorrect operation, help the servicing and increase the availability of the machine.
A modern display with a protected sturdy membrane keyboard allows for data display and data input.