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The tool tryout press, type WP/ZP, is conceived according to a new principle. The press ram is driven by four hydraulic cylinders located in the press bed which are guided in parallel over the entire stroke range, which also includes the force range for off-centre loading. This system helps to avoid faults before they originate. The ram guide and parallel holding system is effective both in the directions left-right and ahead-behind. This guidance system is supported by an eightfold bias control which is located in the lateral yokes of the machine

The design principle of the tool tryout press of type WP/ZP also offers the following benefits:
- compact construction
- high machine rigidity
- optimum parallel ram guide (comparable with a mechanical 4-con-rod machine)
- extensive service and maintenance help
- high availability

Equipment and functions

- sensitive electronically controlled hand lever operation
- pressure force limitation adjustable with hand-wheel
- manometer for pressure force control
- absolute travel measuring system, including control
device, make Siemens, type OP27 (according to
machine size each)
- two-hand single stroke circuit
- automatic endurance run (in compliance with a feeder)
- lockable operating modes selector switch
- low-noise pump drive with fine filter
- upper dead centre lock (according to machine size each)
- control voltage 24V
- colour of the machine: green RAL 6011
- oil tank integrated in machine bed
- damping of the cutting shock integrated in the drive cylinders. During hand lever
operation, the damping is always active, in two-hand operation from the moment of load
changeover. Other adjustments are not necessary.
- tool change system (optional) by means of a motor-driven guide unit. The tool is placed
on ball bearing ledges which can be displaced by a geared motor. For this purpose, racks
are installed in the floor which serve as support and thrust bearings for the drive.