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Our recently developed clamping system allows for automatic clamping on each machine. All machines can be equipped with an individual special clamping system, due to the reasonable system design and with extensive accessories. It is equally cost-efficient to retrofit any existing machinery.
No tool standardization is required, which is an important advantage of our innovative system. that. Thus you save the expenditure for manufacturing expensive fitting pieces. Our hydraulic-mechanic block clamping elements enable you to cover large height differences without any further accessories.

The integrated claw holder facilitates the handling, in comparison with traditional clamping elements, so that adjustment to different clamping heights does no longer present any problems.
Our modular system also eventually offers the opportunity, in the range of the ram clamping, for instance, with the presses, of inexpensive hydraulic clamping. This area has been neglected so far.

The best solution for ram clamping is either a hydraulic clamping lock or the hydraulic tension jacks, which are both available in our scope.
Only one or more profile ledges are fixed with screws to the tool upper plate, according to requirements. Since all ram plate tension jacks are generally ready for clamping, therefore the possibility is there to clamp tools with two, three or five ledges.
For smaller presses which are equipped with a ram head we have provided a special hydraulic clamping lock, so that you can clamp quickly and cost-efficiently on such machinery.
For medium-sized ram plates we offer retrofitting with special tension jacks which can be retrofitted to the existing ram plate, if possible. If no retrofitting is possible, due to constructive reasons, we recommend to exchange the ram plate.