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The company Schoen is a pioneer with its development of this tool change car. This car is essentially different from all well-known systems, thus offering enormous advantages. The car is placed in fixed position on the machine plates which are embedded in the floor so that no stumbling can occur. Exchangeable ledges for car track-keeping are fixed with screws on the plates. A hydraulic travel drive moves the car exactly to each point, switching over to creep speed before the final points due to light barrier call.

The car is placed in absolutely repeatable positions by means of fixing cylinders. The travel motion is monitored by safety contact ledges. The change car offers room for two tools which are placed on hydraulically operated ball bearing ledges and are therefore locked during travel motion.

With a hydraulic drive, the tools are transported with racks against an electrically called limit stop and kept in tension so that the tools can be clamped in absolutely fixed position. Electrical control mainly consists of a PLC control system which is integrated in the car.

Operation is controlled from one or two control panels, according to the type of machine, because there is a possibility of integrating press functions which are needed for tool change, into car operation. This is especially reasonable, for instance, for fine blanking presses or presses with hydraulic clamping systems.

The tools are not conveyed out off or into the machine with the help of chain drives, but with rack and pinion. The basic element is an electrical lifting car which carries the tool and the change tables.
The tool is transported by the drive and a reasonable toothed ledge system until the centre of the press. The same system is used for back transport. You can operate this also manually with ball bearing ledges. A modern bolt system will provide for exact tool positioning when the lifting car is lowered.

Tool change cars are used for rationalization on presses, the minimization of set-up times and finally the care for machines and respective tools Tool change will be a standstill of production machinery, which is costly time which is not profitable. The tools of sometimes a weight of tons are conveyed with the help of unsuited means, and there is risk of injuries for your personnel.

Any damage of tools will lead to production problems. We approach this problem with the tool change systems which we present here. We provide individual solutions for manual and automatic changeover with functional integration of the press. The tool change car presented here we offer you the opportunities of reducing the tool transport and tool change times to a minimum.

You take a tool over to the machine and load the tool which you do not need any longer on the free part of the platform. The tools may be changed nearly effortless and without damage to the machine with the clamping means or roller platforms or ball bearing platforms developed by our company. You can use the Schoen tool car on all machine types, i.e. it is not only compatible with Schoen machinery.