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- low wear and tear
- long life
- requires but minimum maintenance
- uncomplicated design
- no limit stops
- low-noise
- simple height adjustment
- easy set-up
- travel input in 0.1 mm steps
- high repeating accuracy
- material guidance in the total of the feeding
area is possible
- easy attachment to all presses
- modular system for easy adaptation

Material transport

The feeds are mounted to the press frame by means of precise ball bearing guides and vertically adjusted by lifting elements. The entry height selected each time is fixed at the lifting element in order to avoid any clamping on the feeds proper.

Feed control is integrated in the press control system. You enter the desired parameters on the control desk in steps of 0.1 mm each, the values being stored, of course, once they are set, in the tool program

SCHOEN GRIPPER FEEDS are experienced, of practical design and have proven reliable in long years of use under extremely hard conditions sometimes. The superior design of these feeds has been patented accordingly.

The gripper feeds are shifted by an electro-hydraulic linear controller and therefore are able of very accurate positioning without using any stops

Travel motion of the feed gripper is activated by two hydraulic cylinders installed on the machine side, with synchronous pistons fixed to the base frame, which, at the same time, serves as optimum guides.

The feed gripper is mounted in centralized position between the drive cylinders. So the material is moved in the central axis of the drive cylinders and thus is not subject to any tipping moments.
Both strips from coils and profile section rods can be transported. A special program run is available for the transport of rod material, recognizing head and tail ends of the rod, including a program for the remaining part.

SCHOEN ROLL FEEDS are equally well-tried and have proven successful in the industry for numerous years.

They are driven by an electro-hydraulic rotary drive with precision-positioning behaviour.

Backlash-free precision gear wheels provide for force transmission between upper and lower roll.
The upper roll runs in distortion-resistant bearings, thus eliminating unilateral contact pressure. This bearing ensures that strip material can be conveyed both in central position and eccentrically.

A quick hydraulic roll ventilation is electronically controlled without the use of any mechanical limit stop. Thus the rolls can be automatically adjusted to different material thicknesses.

The rolls are executed according to customer's or product specifications. Rolls made of plastic, steel or stainless steel as well as hardened, chrome-plated or galvanized types are available.
Upon request, the roll surface can be rubber-coated.

As with the gripper feed, the roll feed can process strips from coils and rod materials.

The roll control system is integrated in the press control. You can enter the desired feed travel distance, the acceleration and the speed with the help of the control equipment.

Height adjustment is operated in the same way as with the gripper feeds.


A strong scrap cutter with hydraulic drive is arranged behind the exit feed in the material run for the disposal of the pressed screen.

The scrap cutter is mounted to the exit feed base frame, thus offering automatic adjustment to the passage height.
Appropriate material guidance will ensure the guiding of the pressed screen through the scrap cutter and the ejection of the remaining screen.
You can select the cutter cycle sequence from the control terminal.